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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Nicole Servinis, camp alumnus

Today is Tim Hortons Camp Day, where 100 per cent of proceeds from all hot coffee beverages sold go to Tim Hortons Foundation Camps. Nicole is a camp alumnus who greatly benefitted from everything a Tims Hortons Camp has to offer.

Tim Hortons Camp Day

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Mike Yawney, Citytv tech expert

Quan Luong, Transit App, head developer

If you develop apps, or if you’re curious as to what your Apple devices will be capable of in the future, then your eyes have probably been on what’s happening in San Jose this week. Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is in full swing and tech expect Mike Yawney is right in the middle of it.

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference

Twitter: @gadget_guy


Patrice Brisebois, former Canadiens defenceman

Formula One’s Canadian Grand Prix is right around the corner and Montreal is alive with festivities. For the sixth straight year, Peel St. is the place to be for music, food and luxury cars.

Formula One party on Peel St.

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Rich Thaw, personal trainer

There are two very trendy exercises right now – hip lifts and overhead pressing – but are you doing them right? Personal trainer Rich Thaw shows you the right way to train.

Hip lifts & overhead pressing


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Miriam Pearl, gluten-free baker

Seven weeks after Passover, the Jewish community celebrates Shavuot, a holiday associated with the giving of the Torah. Miriam Pearl shares her recipe for Swiss scrolls.

Jewish holiday of Shavuot

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Lindsay Dunn, CityNews sports reporter

Tonight is the biggest game in Toronto Raptors history. The Raps look to take a 2-1 series lead over the Warriors in Game 3. CityNews sports reporter Lindsay Dunn previews the matchup.

Raptors vs. Warriors: Live from Oakland

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