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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Julie Zaky, Jack.org student representative, UQAM

Of 1,200 young people surveyed across Canada, 83% said they’ve supported a friend struggling with their mental health. Student organization Jack.org works to help Canadians with the process of dealing with people who are struggling with their mental health.

Mental Health Awareness with Jack.org

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Website: https://bethere.org/Home & http://jack.org

Video: https://www.btmontreal.ca/videos/the-state-of-youth-mental-health-in-canada/

Prof. Robert Lecky, Dean of Faculty of Law, McGill University

The CAQ’s Bill 21 would prohibit Quebec’s civil servants from wearing religious symbols such as hijabs, kippahs and turbans. The CAQ is currently holding hearings regarding it’s bill and Robert Leckey, dean of law at McGill University, breaks it all down.

Legal issues of Bill 21

Video: https://www.btmontreal.ca/videos/lawyer-addresses-legal-issues-of-quebec-secularism-bill-2/

Jessica Glazer, recruitment director at MindHR

The talent pool does not always match the job market. Jessica Glazer from MindHR discusses how entrepreneurs can attract top talent.

How CEOs and other entrepreneurs can attract top talent

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Website: www.mindhr.com

Video: https://www.btmontreal.ca/videos/how-ceos-and-other-entrepreneurs-can-attract-top-talent/

Jordan Klepper, former correspondent, “The Daily Show”

Former “Daily Show” correspondent and host of “The Opposition,” Jordan Klepper is here to talk about his new investigative documentary series that tackles the hard political issues.

New show Klepper – Front lines of American Activism

Twitter: https://twitter.com/klepper

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Website: https://www.thecomedynetwork.ca/Shows/Klepper

Video: https://www.btmontreal.ca/videos/new-show-klepper-premieres-thursday/

Sunny Verma, education expert

Life lessons we learn from children’s books are extremely important. Education expert Sunny Verma proposes a list of top four books your children should be reading outside of school.

Mom Talk: Out of school and into the job market

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Website:  http://tutorbright.com

Video: https://www.btmontreal.ca/videos/out-of-school-and-into-the-job-market/

Alexandra Diaz, brand ambassador for Hello Fresh

Mother’s day is fast approaching, and it might be too late to plan a fancy dinner to thank her for all that she does. Alexandra Diaz joins us to share tips on how you can whip up a quick and delicious meal for mom just in time for the holiday.

Fresh spring meal ideas for the family

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Instagram: @hellofreshca

Website: www.hellofresh.ca

Facebook: @HelloFreshCA

Video: https://www.btmontreal.ca/videos/fresh-food-for-spring/