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Friday, March 8, 2019

Helene Tremblay, author, photographer & speaker

Photographer Helene Tremblay’s travels, work and research have provided her with an intimate knowledge of humanity. She believes that knowing one another is essential to human evolution.

Photographer has traveled around the world – 116 countries

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tremblay_helene

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/letsmeetonearth/?ref=bookmarks

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/letsmeetonearth/

Website: http://letsmeetonearth.org/  & www.helenetremblay.ca 

Video: https://www.btmontreal.ca/videos/a-photographers-journey-of-knowledge-and-discovery/

Karine Vanasse, actress

The MADE | NOUS movement celebrates the works of Canadian creators in the film, television, video game and digital entertainment industries, both at home and abroad. Actress Karine Vanasse is one of the ambassadors.

Encouraging Canadians to celebrate our creative talent

Twitter: www.twitter.com/made_nous

Instagram: www.instagram.com/made_nous

Facebook: www.facebook.com/madenous

Video: https://www.btmontreal.ca/videos/encouraging-canadians-to-celebrate-canadas-creative-talent/

Alessandra Barba, registered dietitian

March is nutrition month and the theme this year is unlocking the potential of food. Dietitian Alessandra Barba helps you navigate this lifelong journey with food and nutrition.

Women’s health

Twitter: @DietitiansCAN

Facebook: Dietitians of Canada

Website :  http://www.nutritionmonth2018.ca/ &

Video: https://www.btmontreal.ca/videos/nutrition-tips-for-women/

Fariha Naqvi-Mohammed, journalist & blogger, CanadianMomEh.com

Nakuset, executive director, Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal

Jennifer Lonergan,  founder & CEO, Artistri Sud

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, what are some issues facing women today? Has the #MeToo Movement changed anything?

BT Panel: Has the #MeToo Movement changed anything for women?

Website: www.canadianmomeh.com


www.artistrisud.com & www.artistrisud.org

Video: https://www.btmontreal.ca/videos/womens-issues-after-metoo/