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Friday, 29 November, 2013

Karolina Jez, Montreal Editor, notable.ca

Hotspots and new places in our city to check out this weekend!

Twitter: @KarolinaJez

Instagram : Karolinastyle

Website: Notable.ca

Le Richmond
Website: http://lerichmond.com/en/

Le Gros Jambon 2 Year Anniversary

Website: http://legrosjambon.com/

Movember Gala Party at Rialto Theatre

Website: http://ca.movember.com/events/view-official-event/?id=27

Delta Hotel Closing Mega Sale

777 University Street


Claude Laframboise, Style Editor, LOULOU

We’ll tell you what to buy for the best deals on Black Friday!

Twitter: @louloumagazine and @Claude_LOULOU

Facebook: facebook.com/LOULOUMagazine

Website: louloumagazine.com

Corneille, Musician

Corneille’s new album ENTRE NORD ET SUD drops this week.

Twitter: @corneillemusic

Patrick Mott, Social Media Expert

Learn why a 17-year old social media expert says teens should be encouraged to be online.

Twitter: @PatrickMott

Website: http://patrickmott.ca

Instagram: http://instagram.com/patrickmott#

Linkedin: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/patrickmott

Helene Charbois, Registered Dietician

How to manage your sugar and calorie intake over the holidays!

Website: http://hcnutrition.com/

Live Eye: Talent Competition (8 Count Dance Complex, 87-B Brunswick Blvd., DDO.)

Twitter: @talentnation

Facebook: www.facebook.com/talentnation

Website: www.talentnation.ca