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Montreal’s Election of Compromise: The BT Interviews

eliasmakos | posted Friday, Nov 1st, 2013

With just a couple of days until Montrealers go to the polls, it’s amazing how many people I speak to who still are undecided about their vote for Mayor on Sunday. With this being most important municipal election in decades, it’s curious that many of us haven’t been able to lock down our vote. Why hasn’t a candidate been able to make his or her case in the last month?

I think we’re all looking for the perfect candidate.

But it’s become clear this week, watching the terrific interviews with our Joanne Vrakas, that the perfect candidate does not exist. The decision Montrealers face this year is one of compromise. The decision we really face is figuring out which compromise is acceptable to us. A fresh face without baggage vs. Inexperience. Political savvy vs. connections with our troubled past. Leadership & management skills vs. coalition partners we may not be comfortable with. A strong record of transparency and trust vs. some policies that we may not like.

If you’re like many people and haven’t made up your mind yet, take the time to watch our interviews with the candidates. It just may make up your mind for Sunday.

Mélanie Joly

Richard Bergeron

Marcel Côté

Denis Coderre

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